March 12, 2016

Here are a few things most people want to know about us.

Frequently asked questions:

1.How much is a tattoo?

If you have a budget for your tattoo, it's best to just let us know in advance what you are comfortable with. We can usually design something based around what you can afford if price is a big factor.  Everything is based around time involved, so the more time put into it , the more tricked out it will look. There's always the cheapest way to do a tattoo, and then there's the most awesome way to do that same tattoo.  The more specific and detailed the tattoo is, the more the   price increases.                                           

 Average prices for a medium to large size single session tattoo may run between $250-$800.                      

Smaller tattoos run $80-$200 on average, so it's really up to you on how much time you want to spend the day of your tattoo. Please let us know in advance so we can set aside the appropriate amount of time.

2. How do I book an appointment?

We take a $50 deposit for a small tattoo and $100 for larger tattoos to make an appointment.

That comes off the price of the tattoo when you get it ,as long as you show up for your appt. or give us 48 hrs notice to reschedule. You can call to book a day via phone @ 501-615-8210 Tuesday-Saturday 2pm-10pm  text @ 501-733-5984 or you can do it via this link http://www.LuckyBella.appointy.com or in person at the studio Tuesday-Saturday 2pm-10pm 


Q: Can you draw my design in advance, so I can make sure I like it before I set an appointment?

A: We draw your design the day of your appointment and make any changes you want while you are present. For example we draw today's tattoo today and tomorrow's tattoo tomorrow. Feel free to share ideas and images with us before the appointment.